The Invention of the Electric Beverage Dispenser

The electric beverage dispenser is the modern version of the soda fountain, a concept that dates back many, many years. The process has become more streamlined over the years, and now different types of dispensers have become popular.

History of the Soda Fountain
More than a century ago the idea of naturally carbonated mineral water became popular. In the 1700’s, a process was devised to artificially add carbonation to water and by the early 1800’s flavors were added and soda fountains began to appear around the world, being particularly popular in the United States. These days, there is some kind of electric beverage dispenser in the vast majority of food service establishments.

Making Carbonated Drinks
There are two basic parts to a carbonated beverage, the water and the syrup. The water is carbonated, meaning that carbon dioxide is added to it to give it “fizz.” Originally, the water was carbonated using a variety of processes involving everything from sulfuric acid to brine, but now the preferred method is to force pressurized carbon dioxide through water.

The early methods of mixing carbonated drinks were as simple as pouring a glass of carbonated water, adding some flavored syrup and ice and stirring it with a spoon. These days, the electronic beverage dispenser does the adding, cooling and mixing all at once, allowing you to simply pour the pre-made drink of your choice.

Modern Uses of the Electric Beverage Dispenser
Modern electric beverage dispensers are used in fast food restaurants, casual restaurants, fine dining restaurants, vending areas, etc. The classic “soda and ice” dispenser is a standard piece of equipment in most restaurants, allowing a server to quickly fill a cup with ice and the soft drink of choice.

One popular innovation at fast food restaurants and buffets is the self-serve beverage station. The advantage of this for the business is that servers spend less time dispensing drinks. The advantage for the customer is that they can get the exact size of drink and amount of ice they want. Another innovation is the drink vending machine, which will pour out a measured amount of the drink of your choice into a cup when you pay, rather than giving you a can or bottle.

If you’re ready to add a soft drink/juice dispenser to your business, or need accessories for an existing one, visit us.

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