Production And Manufacturing Facilities Benefit From Industrial Concrete Coatings

Warehouses and retail outlets have a lot of foot traffic and, in the case of warehouses, a lot of heavy equipment traffic. Process and manufacturing facilities have both foot traffic and equipment traffic, but they also have the risk of chemical or material spills.

In specific types of industries, particularly in the food and beverage sector, flooring has to be designed to avoid any contamination or areas where bacterial growth may be a concern. In all these diverse types of applications, industrial concrete coatings that are made of epoxy offer the ideal solution.

The Look

Far from boring or institutional in look and style, the top lines of epoxy industrial concrete coatings provide a range of colors and options for surface finishing. There is typically a base color to the epoxy, and then chips can be added to create a color combination that matches your facility or perhaps matches your brand colors.

The manufacturers of industrial coatings can provide the exact combination of colors to make your floor stand out. With a naturally smooth and very shiny surface, the floors will turn a plain facility into something that really represents a new, modern and practical workplace.

Safety Features

In most production and manufacturing facilities, safety is always a primary consideration. The application of industrial concrete coatings will give the floors a non-skid and non-slip surface. Different types of coatings will have different levels of skid resistance, so it will be important to work with the supplier to ensure you get the right coating for your safety requirements.

In food and beverage industries, as well as in dairy processing locations, it may be important to have USDA approved coatings. These provide a contaminant barrier on the floor and also stand up to any cleaning chemicals required for use to meet facility standards.

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