Yoga Meditation Bracelets Add to the Vitality of Life

If you want to enhance your yoga routine, you can do so by wearing the right jewelry. For example, chakra bracelets are worn to make you feel harmonious as you practice yoga and meditate. Seven chakras are featured in bracelets, each color having a special significance.

For example, in yoga meditation bracelets, the base chakra, or bead, is colored red. This color represents the base of the spine. Red chakra beads are associated with survival and financial independence. They also represent security. Red addresses such imbalances as fatigue, depression, or lower back pain.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is colored orange. It represents the body in the location of the lower abdomen. Orange chakra beads are associated with social pleasure and well-being. The color addresses such imbalances as allergies or alcohol or drug abuse.

The solar plexus chakra in yoga meditation bracelets is colored yellow. The hue represents the upper abdomen and stomach. Yellow is associated with self-confidence, humor, or intellect, and addresses imbalances such as diabetes digestive disturbances, or memory loss.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra in yoga meditation bracelets is colored green. Green represents the center of the chest that is just above the heart. This chakra is associated with the joy, love, and inner peace. Imbalances such as breathing difficulties, high blood pressure, or tense muscles are addressed when wearing this chakra shade.

The blue chakra bead is the throat chakra and is associated, as suggested, with the throat. Blue is related to trust and relationships. Imbalances that are addressed include mood swings or thyroid problems.

The Brow Chakra

The third eye chakra of yoga meditation bracelets is also known as the brow chakra. It is colored indigo. This chakra is associated with the part of the forehead located just between the eyes. The chakra is associated with a person’s intuition or psychic ability.

The crown chakra is colored violet. As the name suggests, this chakra represents the top of the head. The bead is associated with a person’s ability to connect spiritually, and addresses imbalances such as senility or mental illness.

All the chakra colors lead to more balance in your life. Wear your meditation bracelet on your left wrist to experience more vitality and well-being.

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