Protect Confidential Information With Paper Shredding Services In Irvine

Businesses and individuals can accumulate a large volume of paper and data over time. Much of that paper and information becomes outdated and needs to be disposed of. Putting it into bags and boxes and setting it out for trash pickup or hauling it to the dump is not a good way to dispose of it. There are dishonest people who go through bags and boxes of trash looking for confidential information they can benefit from. Businesses are liable if they improperly dispose of customer information and it gets into the wrong hands where it can be used to hurt them.

Why Should Companies Shred paperwork?

Disposing of proprietary or private customer information without first destroying it can expose companies to the risk of criminal and civil prosecution and monetary loss. Customers and employees have a legal expectation of having sensitive data protected. Large amounts of data can be difficult to destroy without the right equipment. Paper Shredding Services in Irvine have mobile shredding equipment to handle even the largest amounts of data and paper. Paper can be shredded on-site, off-site, or the customer can drop it off at the shredding company secure site for destruction. There are even community shred events and locations. When individuals or companies have computer data and hard drives to get rid of, the same company can destroy them.

What Kinds Of Information Needs To Be Destroyed During Disposal?

Confidential information that must be destroyed during disposal includes:

  • All personnel records, customer information, files, and lists
  • Vendor information and receipts
  • Client or patient data
  • Price lists and sales statistics
  • Business correspondence and bid drafts
  • Any papers that include social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, or account numbers

Businesses might play it safe and have all mail and business paper shredded periodically by Paper Shredding Services in Irvine. Companies such as Shred Confidential Inc can provide companies with shred bins, then come at regular intervals to empty the bins and shred the materials in their mobile destruction units. Depending on the volume of material, companies can schedule material destruction for bi-weekly, weekly, every two weeks, every four weeks, every eight weeks, once a quarter, or on a per call basis. For more information on material shredding, go to

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