Going on Vacation? Make Sure Your Pet is Happy and Safe.

Planning a vacation is fun, but it can also be stressful. There are many things to consider, such as where to go, what activities to plan, and if you are a pet owner, who will take care of the pets. When families go away for an extended period, leaving the pets behind can be the hardest part. Pets rely on their families to feed them and to play with them, so when the family is gone, pets can experience depression or separation anxiety. Finding a good, reliable boarding facility is a must-do on the vacation planning list.

When looking for a place to board your pet, there are many things to consider. For dogs, does the boarding facility offer climate-controlled runs? Depending on the time of year, it can be important for the runs to have good heating or air-conditioning. Some boarding facilities also have indoor/outdoor runs, which allows the dog to be able to be inside and outside as needed. Another consideration is, will the dog be able to have time out of the run? Some facilities offer playtime with other dogs or even a walk. If the dog is well-behaved, they may be able to spend an hour or two playing with other well-behaved dogs, which provides ample social opportunities for the dog. Some boarding facilities offer Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon. Many dogs enjoy being pampered, so being shampooed and brushed can be a relaxing and fun thing for them.

If it’s a cat that needs to be boarded, look for a boarding kennel that offers cat condos. Cat condos should be equipped with a scratching post, a litter box, and should be separate from the canine area. A bonus feature offered by some boarding facilities, such as Business Name, is a window that displays the outdoors so cats can enjoy the scenery in their comfortable cat condo.

Looking for a boarding facility for pets can take some time. Finding a facility that not only provides a comfortable place for the pet to stay but also provides Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon may mean visiting more than one facility. Once the right place has been found, heading out on vacation becomes fun and stress-free for both the family and the pets.