Protecting Your Fluorescent Lighting Investment

The introduction of efficient fluorescent lighting systems to the global market has revolutionized the way we consume electricity and light our buildings. With the fervent discussion of climate change and global warming in scientific circles, numerous lighting solutions have sprung up in place of the older incandescent bulbs. These new bulbs are more efficient and use less power, but can put out the same amount of light as the old ones. This means more savings and eco-friendliness to boot. These lighting solutions have the following advantages:

* They are cheaper than their incandescent counterparts, using up to 66% less electrical power. This translates to huge savings over time.
* CFL globes and fluorescent lighting tubes have a longer lifespan than regular lighting systems. They use less power over time, last longer, and save you money.
* In terms of safety, they give off less heat than incandescent globes. This means that they break down less due to heat output and heating of electrical elements. It also means that any areas that are lit by energy-efficient lighting are cooler, and people are less prone to burn-related injuries.

Protecting Your Fluorescent Investment

Even though fluorescent lighting systems are very energy efficient and last longer, they are also initially expensive to install. Consequently, you need to protect your investment by having them installed by the right people and using only the best equipment to power them, such as superior light holders and sockets.

The other thing you should consider doing is installing wire guards around your fluorescent tube lighting and other lamps. Wire guards offer the following benefits when used correctly as part of your lighting system:

* They are made of robust and durable steel, so they will not break due to falls.
* The wire guards help to physically protect fluorescent lights from impact damage.

Wire guards are available in a range of finishes, including white, so they will become part of the surrounding décor. They are especially beneficial for businesses where damage to lighting is likely, including factories, warehouses, machine shops, busy retail, automotive workshops, and so on.

Not only will your initial investment pay off in terms of energy use savings and lifespan, but it will also be protected from possible breakage. Particularly in publicly accessible spaces, it will also mean that individuals nurturing criminal intent will find it difficult to cause breakage. This is especially useful in secure areas or in exterior spaces where additional lighting can decrease criminal activity.

Protect Your Investment

As a business owner in particular, it’s tough to look past the many benefits of energy-efficient fluorescent lighting systems. Once you’ve paid to have it expertly installed, it’s a good idea to further protect it from interference and breakage by also investing in and installing durable steel wire guards.