Managing The Logistics: The Benefit In Using Experienced Atlanta International Moving Companies

In this more interconnected world, the opportunity to find work, study or even just live abroad is much more commonplace than even a few years ago. Additionally, more and more global or multi-national companies are moving into the Atlanta area, which means there is a growing need for the services of international moving companies.

There are a lot of moving companies with national and intrastate moving experience, but only a few true international moving companies. These are movers not just able to arrange logistically for moves out the United States, but companies with affiliates, offices and partners around the world.

The benefit of using these types of international moving companies is that there is true quality control throughout the entire move. Other companies simply contract with available movers at the destination, which is not at all what most customers think is going to happen with their valuable possessions.

Packing Care

Unless your move is to Canada or a South American country, your household items will end up being shipped as cargo. This is most often on a ship in a cargo container, but it may also be by plane. The second option is much more expensive, but it can be arranged for those requiring this service of international moving companies.

With all the additional movement of the contents of boxes, it is critical to have the right packing technique and supplies. It is highly recommended to use the moving company packing teams for these types of moves, at least for packing all breakables and more fragile items.

Customs Issues

Ensuring that all documentation, cargo manifests and other required information are with the load is going to be a critical component. By choosing international moving companies with experience in global relocation, you have the benefit of working with professional who know or have access to the latest in customs requirements for each country your items have to pass through.

Having the bill of sale, titles, certificates and other necessary documents will ensure the items pass through customs and don’t end up being held until documents arrive. During this time, you will be charge a storage fee in that country’s customs warehouse at the port or airport, and this can be incredibly expensive.

Finally, the Atlanta international moving companies with experience in arranging these moves have additional support services you can access. This includes real-time tracking of your shipment and even assistance in arranging accommodation at your destination if required.

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