Quality Crane Brands for Construction Work

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Automotive

The complexity between cranes differ wildly, as truck cranes are built differently, with complex hydraulic systems to support movement, while much larger cranes require a completely different design process, as per How Stuff Works.

From mounted cranes to large-scale telescopic cranes and more, choosing from the hundreds of companies out there can quickly become difficult and confusing, especially for industry newcomers.

But when it comes right down to it, all you need is just a handful of brands to choose from – here are a couple great picks to help you narrow down your search and find that one crane manufacturer you can really work with to maximize your output on the field.


Liftmoore is a great brand to work with, with offerings in the crane industry dating as far back as the early 60s. Based and producing in the US, working with Fresno, CA based Liftmoore crane distributors is a great way for local construction businesses to remain competitive and deliver consistent quality.


Based in Turkey, Sarilar is another huge name in the crane industry. Sarilar provides heavy lifting services to most large industries in the company, and has been doing so for nearly three decades – a solid choice.

Tat Hong

Tat Hong is a significant brand in the Asia-Pacific region, with a history that dates back to the late 1950s, and the beginning of the crane industry in 1980s Singapore, just before the housing and construction revolution that turned it into one of the shining, principle examples of public housing.


It’s impossible to build a list of quality names in the industry and skip out on Mammoet, the brand with over 200 years of experience in the businesses, and a pioneering spirit that qualifies their products as state-of-the-art equipment.

That being said, their offerings might not be for everyone, and perhaps aren’t in the price range sought by discerning early professionals in the game.

On this little list, there’s bound to be something for everyone – from Fresno, CA based Liftmoore crane distributors to Tat Hong distributors –but if you’re not satisfied with these picks, know that there are hundreds of other quality companies out there to choose from. And with a little experience, you’ll be sure to find your favorite in the industry.

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