Consider Cremation in Everett, WA, Rather Than Traditional Burial Services

Nobody wants to think about dying, but it is an eventuality that must be considered and planned out. While traditionally, burial is the most common option for those who have passed on, the popularity of cremation services is on the rise. For a number of reasons, many families are discussing Cremation in Everett Wa as an option instead of burial for when loved ones die.

Cremation Allows For More Creative Final Resting Places. Some simply don’t like the idea of being buried in the ground or trapped in a box permanently. In other cases, the thought of wasting a plot of land or taking up valuable resources is a turn off. Others may prefer to choose their own final resting place or places, or they may wish for their remains to stay near loved ones. In these cases, cremation makes the best choice. Ashes can be spread outside, turned into memorials, kept in urns and many other options.

Cremation is Much Cheaper Than Burial. With cremation, the ashes are returned to the family or used in some type of memorial. Ashes fit in typical urn sized containers, and they don’t take up much space. This means that there is little or no cost for storing them at home or creating a small memorial out of them. With burial, however, there are many costs involved. The casket itself is a major expense, and buying a plot of land can cost thousands of dollars. In addition, there are fees associated with having the funeral service, hiring a funeral home, limousines for the procession, flowers, viewings and more. In general, cremation costs less than half of what burial services cost.

There are many reasons why some feel it is preferable to be cremated rather than buried. Cremation in Everett Wa is much cheaper and less of a burden to loved ones than funeral services and burials are. Cremation also allows for choosing one’s own final resting place or letting loved ones determine where to spread or keep ashes. Indeed, cremation is both more economical, better for the environment, and more personal than burial options.

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