Questions Home-owners Should Ask: What is Zoning?

When preparing to invest in a new heating and cooling system, the home-owner needs to ask a lot of questions. As part of the answers to those questions, there is a good chance that the prospective buyer will hear a lot about zoning. Rather than nodding along as if all is well, it pays for the consumer to stop and specifically ask the expert “What is Zoning?” The answer will make a difference in whether that system is right for the home.

The Essentials of Zoning

As it relates to home heating and cooling solutions, zoning has to do with coming up with a system that is designed to allow the home-owner to keep different areas of zones of the home at varying temperatures. This is accomplished by creating a master system that includes more than one unit. Each unit is used to control what is happening in a designated area of the home.

Why Use This Approach?

After getting an answer to the question of What is Zoning?, many consumers move on to asking why anyone would want this type of set-up. There are some situations in which this approach makes a lot of sense. For example, if there are areas or zones of the house that are rarely used, what is the point of heating or cooling those areas? It makes sense to be able to simple close off those spaces and not consume any energy to control the temperature in those spaces until they will be occupied for some amount of time.

Another reason for this type of arrangement is that the zoning makes it possible to accommodate different comfort levels for everyone living in the home. For example, perhaps the couple occupying the master bedroom prefer for the room to be a little cooler while they sleep. By contrast, the relative occupying the mother-in-law wing of the house needs a warmer temperature in order to be comfortable at night. Rather than trying to find a happy medium with a single unit, why not have one for each of those zones? The result is that everyone enjoys a temperature that is right for them, and gets a good nights sleep.

For home-owners interested in checking into this type of set-up, talk with a contractor today. There’s a good chance that this type of set-up will be ideal for the home.

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