Rocks and Minerals for Sale Are Used For Gemstone Therapy: Reviewing the Properties of Opal

Rocks And Minerals for sale often are used for alternative or holistic healing as they can be used effectively in one of a variety of ways. Not only can you obtain rocks and minerals for sale to wear in jewelry, the rocks and quartz can be used with a wand or in the form of a pendulum as well.

How Rocks and Minerals Are Used in Alternative Therapy

Therefore, rocks and minerals for sale can assist gemstone therapy healers in balancing out the four key elements used in therapy, namely the body, mind, emotions and spirit. If any chakras or body points have been affected by negative events or vibrations, then the use of rocks and minerals for sale can help a great deal.

The Use of Quartz in Therapy

Quartz in minerals and stones are frequently used for alternative health practices as the material produces piezoelectric effect. This component is based on the relationship of quartz with the body’s energy. Quartz rocks and minerals for sale then are often used to stimulate a sluggish system. The vibratory effect of electricity serves to balance and level out the body-mind-emotion-spirit connection.

Stones without Crystal Elements Are Also Used For Healing

One of the rocks and minerals for sale that is used for healing is opal. While opal is not a crystal stone, it certainly can be used for the purposes of alternative healing. Opal is a stone that inspires the spirit and is said to be gem of love and renewal. Because opal contains more water than other stones or gems, it is appropriately referenced as a water stone.

A Deep Sense of Inner Peace

The water stone representation of opal gives the wearer of the gem the ability to face life’s challenges. Just as water rolls over stone faces or glides over rocks, the stone, when used in healing, gives the wearer the ability to overcome life’s difficulties. The stone, psychologically, is said to enhance and improve one’s dreams and to eliminate nightmares. The soothing properties of opal also bring about hope and a deep sense of inner peace.

What Opal Treats

Traditionally, opal is one of the rock and minerals for sale that is used for the treatment of such maladies as:

* Headache pain
* Parkinson’s disease
* Insulin regulation
* Menstrual difficulties
* Immune system functioning

Chakra Therapy

When used in Chakra healing, opal is related to the crown or seventh chakra and the heart chakra of the body. The chakras of the body are the vibrational points used in gemstone therapy, represented psychically by rotating colored circles at certain spots on the body. If any of the chakras are blocked because of negative energies, then gemstones or minerals are used to restore balance to the system.

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