Questions To Ask Before Hiring Precision Metal Fabricating Services

One of the growing trends among both small and large Original Equipment Manufacturers is to outsource specific aspects of the project. As metal fabrication is a specialized type of work, this is often one of the first aspects of a job to be sent to contract manufacturers.

The choice of using precision metal fabricating services has several benefits for the OEM. These include the ability to know in advance the cost of the fabrication and to set scheduled deliveries to match in-house assembly and fabrication. Additionally, without the need to buy equipment and hire workers, this is a very cost-effective option.

The one qualifier is in choosing precision metal fabricating services with the experience, equipment, capacity and track record to ensure orders will be fabricated and delivered to specs and on time.

Years in Business

It is not unusual for metal fabrication shops to have been in business for decades. Top companies have customer base across a range of industries and are also constantly expanding to provide additional services. Years in the business is a solid indicator of customer satisfaction in the metal fabrication industry.

Types of Equipment

Precision metal fabrication requires the latest in CNC equipment. This is typically provided by an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with a commitment to meeting all required manufacturing specifications for customers. Many of these companies work directly with automotive manufacturers and other specialized industries where precision is an essential requirement.

The Ability for High Volume Production

It is important to consider not just current precision metal fabricating requirements, but what is anticipated as the maximum production volume required. Ensuring the company selected has the internal production capacity to scale up as needed prevent the need to change fabrication services when order demand exceeds production capacity.

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