Rehabilitation Centers: Fighting Addiction Pharmacologically

In the past decade, the medical profession has undergone a shift in the way they look at addiction. New technology has increased the understanding of how substances affect the brain. Many rehabilitation centers now fight addiction according to the findings of the latest research findings. In Fort Lauderdale, medical professionals are increasingly turning to pharmacology to improve successful recovery.

Addiction: More than Psychological

Addiction specialists have tended to focus on addiction as a psychological issue. They view it as a problem relating to personal trauma, behavioral traits and learned behavior. However, more recently, medical professionals are beginning to consider it as a disease. While not ignoring the psychological aspects of the problem, they are also realizing the physical changes affecting the brain of an addict.

Doctors who view certain addictions as a chronic disease feel their role is to treat it as they would any other such medical issue – pharmacologically. Using drugs to combat drugs is not new. Many rehabilitation centers use drugs to help reduce certain symptoms and results of addicts. The reduction of severe withdrawal symptoms is a case in point.

However, the latest approach is to consider using medication as part of ongoing treatment. Suboxone is one such drug. It is available for those who suffer from chronic opiate addiction. Overall, the latest approach to addiction surfacing in treatment centers across the United States, including small facilities in Fort Lauderdale and larger ones in San Francisco, is to treat addiction as if it fell into such categories as diabetes or epilepsy.

Rehabilitation Centers and Medical Treatment

The treatment of addicts and their addictions is altering. The more researchers discover and understand about the interaction between substances and the brain, the more likely changes will alter how rehabilitation centers address the issue. In future, it is possible that pharmacology will play an increasing and ongoing role in the treatment of addicts from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Juneau, AK.

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