Reasons to Choose the GE B40 Monitor

If you are looking for a patient monitor machine with exceptional capabilities, you may wish to check out the GE B40 monitor. In addition to its many features, it is priced in the affordable range and this makes it very attractive for any healthcare facility with a budget in mind. Here are some of the good things you will discover with this machine.

Many Uses
The GE B40 monitor is very versatile and can be used for a wide range of patients. For example, you can buy them for pediatric monitoring a well as for adults. This allows you to use the same monitors in many different departments and if you have a temporary need for additional monitors they can be borrowed from another department so there are no problems with patient care issues. Plus, because the B40 is portable, moving it about is no problem and you will not have to worry about accidental damage or spending a lot of time disconnecting or setting it up.

Your GE B40 monitor fits in well in hospital settings. However, it is also made for use in ambulatory surgical centers and other surgery situations. This monitor may also be used in doctor’s offices and can be upgraded when needed.

Maybe your healthcare facility has a problem with space. There is no need to worry because the GE B40 monitor is designed to fit into the smallest of areas with no problems. In addition, you have several options for mounting so it easily adapts to most environments. The B40 is scalable so you have parameter flexibility.

Easy to Operate
Some monitors can be complex and difficult to use and you may have to train staff for some time. However, anyone with knowledge of patient monitors should have no problems with the GE B40 monitor. The most common features are easily accessed with just one button. This can save a great deal of time and resources. The display is a little over 12 inches and one can see as many as six waveforms from different angles. The alarm system has pre-set limits to warn staff of possible medical emergencies immediately.

The B40 is designed to hold up to everyday use in the busiest of situations. GE algorithms ensure excellent speed and accuracy for cardiac, neurological, pulse and respiration.

The GE B40 monitor can easily be networked and this means sharing patient information is very simple and easy. In fact, it can be used with either S/5 or CARESCAPE networks. The B40 can also be part of an operating room workstation.

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