What to Expect During Boiler Repair and Maintenance

A boiler is an apparatus that uses natural gas, propane, oil or electricity to heat water which in turn is used to heat your home. A well-constructed boiler will last for many trouble-free years.

The term “boiler” when used in the context of residential heating is actually an inaccuracy. a boiler really doesn’t boil water: it just heats it up. Once heated, the water is pumped through a system that includes room radiators, heating tubes beneath the floor, or a heat exchanger. Traditionally, radiators have been mounted against the wall or along the base board. The hot water from the boiler passes through the radiator and the room is heated via radiation and convection. Although this is the normal approach to hot water heating, a boiler can be employed to supply a forced air heating system with heat for the heat exchanger.

To ensure that the boiler in your Chicago home is functioning well, a technician skilled in boiler repair and maintenance should be called in on an annual basis.  During the annual inspection you can expect the technician to:

* Inspect all components of the boiler
* Inspect the water feed
* Undertake an efficiency check
* Ensure air and water temperatures are ideal by adjusting the controls
* Ensure the heat exchanger is in perfect working order
* Check for any evidence of deterioration

Why is boiler repair and inspection important for your Chicago home?

An annual boiler inspection and safety check ensures that your boiler is functioning properly and in complete accordance with the specifications that were laid down by the manufacturer of the unit. When professional boiler repair technicians carry out this work you can be assured that the boiler is working well, is safe and you can reduce the risk of failure which will normally result in a far more expensive repair or replacement.

Regardless of who manufactured the boiler in your home, over time it will deteriorate. There are a number of reasons for this, but two in particular are:

* Soot from the combustion process covering the heat exchanger
* Gradual component wear changes the critical air/fuel ratio

When you arrange for boiler repair and service in Chicago, the soot will be removed and the optimum fuel/air ratio for ideal combustion will be reestablished. Although operating efficiency is extremely important, one must not overlook safety and operation. The technician will check and replace if necessary all safety controls and ensure all systems are operating properly.

To maintain optimum operation, you should not neglect an annual boiler repair and inspection. If you have a home in Chicago, you are invited to contact HEATMASTERS for same day attention.

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