Reasons To See Old Town Chicago Dentists

Finding great dental care Old Town Chicago should be a priority. However, some people don’t see the need or are fearful of dentists, so they put off the care they need to stay healthy. The ADA recommends that you see a dentist twice a year or as often as they suggest. However, some people go decades without any dental care, which means they could face many problems later in life.

Overall Health

You may not realize it, but the health of your mouth can affect your overall well-being. Your gums and teeth can impact any system of your body, including reproductive, respiratory, digestive, and more. Instead of putting off dental care, see one of the many Old Town dentists, who can help you.

Prevent Gum Disease

Most people rarely think about their gums as long as nothing is wrong. In most cases, however, gum disease or the progressive periodontal disease comes with no symptoms. You may notice a little sensitivity after brushing but may put it off to sensitive teeth in general. However, the bacteria is slowly eating away at the gums, which can soon cause pain, discomfort, bloody gums, and cause the gums to pull away from the tooth, potentially exposing the root. It’s a good idea to get a checkup twice a year to ensure that you’re not developing this disease. However, if you do have it, take heart! It can be reversible if caught in time.

Whitening Products

One of the biggest complaints of adults is that their smiles aren’t bright. Your dentist may offer in-office whitening procedures or have take-home products that are much stronger and better than OTC versions.

Old Town Chicago dentists are there to clean and check your teeth, ensuring they’re as healthy as possible. Visit Chicago Smile Design today to learn more about their services.

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