Things to Consider Before Filing for Sole Custody

There are many reasons that a parent might decide that he or she wants sole custody of a child after a divorce, and many of them are very good reasons. But it’s important to consider some long term effects of sole custody.

The Parental Relationship

If your child has a healthy and functional relationship with your former spouse, then you might damage your relationship with your child if you file for sole custody. It’s important to consider what the child wants when trying to settle custody. Discuss realistic concerns with your child custody attorney and ask for advice. An experienced attorney will have worked many cases where a parent believed that sole custody was the right decision until much later, after tense emotions from the divorce have settled. Rather than directly trying to gain sold custody, talk with your child, and ask your attorney and family and friends for support.

Child Support

Supporting a child on one income can be very challenging. School aged children can have unexpected expenses, especially during teenage years, and providing all of those resources on your own can be difficult. If you file for sole custody of a child, child support payments from your former spouse may increase. If there comes a time that your former spouse is unable or unwilling to pay a large amount of child support, this could cost you more legal fees and time in an attempt to maintain resources for your child. Discuss possible child support options with your child custody attorney, and ask for advice. It’s important to trust your lawyer while your negotiating child support.

In some instances, sole custody is simply not the best choice for you or your child. Always consider the long-term consequences that can arise out of custody cases. If you want an understanding child custody attorney in South Elgin, that can help you make the best decisions for your family, contact Casement Group, P.C. for a free consultation about your child custody concerns.