Reasons to See Periodontists in Lusby, MD

Many dental patients don’t realize that some dentists receive additional training in specialized areas. Periodontists in Lusby MD are dentists who specialize in treating diseases and disorders affecting a patient’s gums and bone. That doesn’t mean only patients who are suffering from a periodontal disease can benefit from being treated by this type of specialist, though.

There are, in fact, many reasons that a general dentist might suggest seeing a periodontist as well. Read on to find out more about just a few of them.

Saving Severely Damaged Teeth

Periodontists are experts at saving even severely damaged teeth. They use techniques like hard and soft tissue grafting and encouraging regeneration in the event of gum or bone loss. Given that gum disease is the number one reason for adult tooth loss, it just makes sense to see a specialist who has an entire arsenal of treatment options to use.

Placing Dental Implants

When there is just no way of saving a damaged tooth, periodontists offer their patients a second solution: placing a dental implant. While some general dentists perform this type of procedure, only a dental professional who has received periodontal training will be best able to ensure that both hard and soft tissue are adequately prepared to receive the implant. This helps to produce the best possible results and ensure proper healing once the implant has been placed.

Preventative Maintenance

It is often said that prevention is the best cure, and this old axiom certainly applies to gum disease. That’s why Periodontists in Lusby MD treat existing infections but also help patients avoid getting them to begin with.

Avoid Systemic Issues

There are many systemic issues that have recently been found to have their origin in gum disease. These include increased risks of heart attacks and strokes as well as the development of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even pre-term births. That’s why avoiding periodontal disease is such an important step to take not just for oral health but for overall well-being.

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