Should Your Corporate Catering Include 24/7 Service?

Where your employees require meals, snacks, and drinks outside of the 8 AM to 6 PM period, it will be a difficult choice to decide how you cater for their requirements within the plan you organize with your food service company. Do you operate at a loss outside of your standard operating hours to ensure that all your employees are suitably catered for?

What Are Your Options?

In conjunction with your food service company, you will have to assess how many employees will be involved with needing food and drinks when most of your employees keep your corporate catering busy during the day.

When the numbers are far smaller during the evening and throughout the night, but employees are still working full-time, there is an obligation to be fair to all your workforce.

The starting position is to ask all your employees what types of food and drinks they would prefer during those less busy company hours after most of your employees and guests have left your building for the day.

A range of machines can provide snacks, sandwiches and a wide variety of beverages, but where an individual requires a full meal, do you cater for their requirements or you make it part of their policy that they bring their own food into your establishment?

You may be amazed at the types of foods and meals that can be provided by your food service company. This will not be the first time they have encountered this situation.

They may be able to suggest an easy remedy to what you see is a difficult problem. Full portion meals, which are identical to those served in your corporate cafeteria, may easily be available for your employees that work throughout the less busy hours and perhaps the weekend.

By understanding what you need to provide, your food service company can give you all the answers.

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