Reasons To Visit An Animal Hospital In Bucktown

When most people have pets, they immediately search for an appropriate veterinarian to keep their new arrival safe and healthy. An animal hospital in Bucktown may not seem like the best place to go, as hospitals are usually associated with the sick and dying. However, most of these pet hospitals offer a broad range of services and team members to help with any situation, even everyday needs.

Wellness Exams

A wellness exam for a pet is similar to that for an adult or child. It begins with a discussion of the pet’s needs and lifestyle, as well as food preferences, exercise, how much time they spend alone, prior/current illnesses and what goals you have as the pet’s owner.

Then, they examine the pet from tail to nose and design a plan to fix any problems, determine what problems could arise, and ensure that your pet is healthy.


Microchip implanting may seem like something from the future, but it is here and can help protect your pet from thieves. An animal hospital in Bucktown can insert the device and scan it periodically to ensure that it works correctly.


Just as children and adults need to be vaccinated for a variety of things, so should your pets. Vaccines can prevent illness and other problems, and include vaccines for parvovirus, distemper, rabies, influenza and many others.

Routine Tests/Screenings

Screenings for adults can include breast exams, prostate examinations, and the like. Pets also have a variety of tests and screenings available to them, including heartworm testing, tick-bite exposure, allergy tests and more. You can also find a wide range of screenings, including blood cell counts, urine health, blood chemistry, x-rays, and more.

An animal hospital in Bucktown is likely to offer a broad range of services, including wellness exams and vaccinations. Visit Village West Veterinary now to learn more.

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