Services Available At Top Animal Hospitals

Most of us know that we can take our pets to animal hospitals in Cincinnati OH and get a checkup and shots, but there are a number of other services available, too. Here are some of the top services available at local animal hospitals:


One service that a local vet will offer is microchipping. Not every pet owner will want microchipping, but those who do will find a number of benefits to this. More than 10 million pets get lost every year, and about 90 percent of those that are found were only found because they had a microchip. When a pet has a microchip, he or she can be identified by an animal control officer, vet, or shelter easily. They are permanent identification for pets, and are unalterable and safe.

Nutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition is essential, and it will help to support the health of your pet. It will help your pet to live longer and healthier, too. However, too many owners don’t give their pet the diet that they really need to support them, and many vets will help. They will take a look at the health of your pet, explain pet’s dietary needs, and will look at the optimal body weight of the pet. The vet will also suggest some dog food brands that might work well with your pet’s health needs, or offer prescription pet food.

Eye Care

You will also find that many animal hospitals offer eye care for pets. Infections, glaucoma, ulcers, and cataracts are all common in pets, and all of these can be dangerous for your pet. A vet will have to diagnose these problems, and then come up with a course of treatment to fix the issue. Some eye issues are easy to treat, others might require surgical intervention, but a vet will advise you on the proper treatment.

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