Reasons Why People Charged with a Crime Need a Private Criminal Defense Lawyer in Auburn

Having a private criminal defense lawyer in Auburn for legal representation is highly advisable if the person charged with a crime can possibly afford one. Although public defenders work hard to provide adequate representation for their clients, these government employees tend to be overloaded with cases. They simply don’t have the time or the resources necessary to match what a private attorney can accomplish.

Disturbing Statistics

Statistics regarding individuals who cannot afford lawyers and are charged with crimes are alarming. Low-income citizens make up a large majority of criminal defendants. Each year, governments spend millions more on prosecution than they do on public defense, even though the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right to legal representation and a fair trial.

Up to 95% of people charged with a crime and are represented by a government employee plead guilty, whether or not they actually are guilty. They do this because the prosecuting attorney is typically willing to reduce charges to resolve a case this way.

District attorneys know the court system is backlogged with cases, and public defenders have a minimal amount of time to represent clients at all, much less prepare for trial. A person charged with any crime may need to decide if it’s better to borrow money from relatives and friends for a lawyer than to accept this form of government assistance.

The Risk of Jail

In many instances, the offense is relatively minor and nonviolent, yet the person may be sentenced to years in prison if the judge sees no reason for leniency. In addition, a criminal defense lawyer in Auburn can be important for convincing a judge to keep bail low or to allow the person freedom before trial without bond. If the person cannot afford bail and has to wait in jail, losing employment, housing and even a family is a risk.

Concluding Thoughts

Lawyers with a firm such as Yoder & Kraus, P.C. may recommend accepting a plea bargain, but they are able to spend substantially more time investigating the situation and prior similar cases. They then can be better equipped to provide an aggressive defense for their clients.

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