The Most Common Issues That Require Professional Septic Repair In Olympia WA

A septic system provides a way for those who live in an area without a public sanitary sewer system to safely and efficiently dispose of any wastewater. Most septic systems are designed to operate for years without requiring any maintenance, but there are occasions when an issue can arise and require Septic Repair in Olympia WA. If a homeowner experiences any of the following problems, they should contact a septic repair company as quickly as possible to ensure they do not experience further issues or a complete failure of their septic system.

Line Blockage

One of the most common problems a homeowner will experience is a complete line blockage, which prevents wastewater from reaching the septic tank. While physical debris is often the cause, tree roots can also grow into a pipe and cause it to clog. A plumber will be able to determine the exact location and cause of the clog and use a variety of tools to free it and ensure wastewater can flow freely.

Septic Field Clog

The majority of solid waste ends up in a tank, while the water in the tank will drain out over a field that extends over the homeowner’s property. If a homeowner notices sewage in their yard or the presence of a foul smell, it is likely due to a clog in their septic field. In addition to being a health hazard, it can lead to further issues if the drainage field is not properly cleared so the tank can release excess wastewater.

Tank Backup

A septic tank uses bacteria to break down solid waste material, but if the bacteria levels become out of balance, it can cause the solid waste to build up and leave the tank full. Most homeowners first notice this problem as a result of a backup of sewage in their home. A company that provides Septic Repair in Olympia WA will be able to remove the excess waste and provide tips on how to keep the bacteria in a tank at a healthy level.

Don’t let septic tank problems go unchecked. The team at Advanced Septic and Construction Services can help repair or replace a septic tank and ensure a home’s wastewater is disposed of in a sanitary way. Contact them today to learn more and tackle any septic issues once and for all.

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