Replacing Common Automotive Parts in Minnesota

If you have owned or operated a motor vehicle, you know vehicles have to be properly maintained. However, certain parts of your vehicle will still need to be replaced occasionally no matter how much you try to maintain them. Your vehicle’s fuel pump, transmission, battery, and braking system are some of the most common automotive parts that will fail. Before spending a lot of money on Automotive Parts in Minnesota, you should do your research.

Fuel pumps, on average, cost about $200. However you will probably pay double that amount to have it installed because it takes a while to install it due to the fact that it is normally located inside of the gas tank. If your transmission fails, it will most likely be the most expensive part to replace. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, having your transmission replaced can cost more than $2,500 after you include parts and labor. Although most transmissions are expected to last beyond 100,000 miles, they have been known to fail prior to reaching this milestone. Brake pads should be replaced about every 50,000 miles. For larger vehicles, like SUVs, you may want to replace them around every 35,000 miles, depending on where and how you drive. Brake pads are fairly reasonable, and can be purchased for about $80. However, failure to replace your brake pads in a timely manner will cause wear and tear to your rotors. Having the rotors repaired or replaced on your vehicle could cost you $500 or more.

You can expect your car battery to last for about three to six years before having to replace it. The life of your car battery is affected by climatic conditions. For example, if you live in an area that has extremely hot conditions, the life of your car battery will be shorter than it would if lived in an area with cooler conditions. You can typically purchase a new car battery for about $100, depending on the brand you want. Car batteries are easy to replace and can usually be installed without the help of a mechanic. Pioneer Rim & Wheel Company offers a multitude of Automotive Parts in Minnesota. Visit to view the products, programs, and promotions they have available or you can visit Google+ page.

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