Residential HVAC System Maintenance in Sonoma County Improves Efficiency and Prevents Breakdowns

For a Residential HVAC System in Maintenance Sonoma County has licensed technicians who provide annual inspections and clean the system. They make adjustments and talk with the homeowner about replacing worn parts before the equipment breaks down. The yearly work completed by a company such as Accurate Heating & Air Conditioning prevents problems from developing during the heating and cooling seasons. It also can increase efficiency. Better energy efficiency reduces heat bills in winter and electric bills for central air conditioning in the summer. The service might be thought of as an annual tuneup, just as a vehicle tuneup gets an automobile running more smoothly and can boost gas mileage.

Sonoma County’s location means it experiences hot summers and cold winters. HVAC in Sonoma County equipment gets a workout in this region. Temperatures routinely dip below freezing during the winter, and the average high temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August. For Residential HVAC System in Maintenance Sonoma County, homeowners typically schedule the annual service in autumn, before they start running the furnace regularly. By October, nighttime temperatures are usually in the 40s and 50s, and that means a corresponding need for heat.

Homeowners must do their own maintenance tasks throughout the year. Fortunately, this primarily involves changing the air filter as recommended. Buying several air filters before the heating season begins, or whenever they go on sale, makes this project easy. One member of the household might be assigned the task of checking the filter on the 1st of every month and seeing whether it’s dirty enough to need replacing. This should be done in the summer too since central air conditioning uses the same filter as the furnace does.

The property owners also should do their best to keep leaves and other organic debris out of the central air compressor outside. If leaves, tree seeds or evergreen needles fall on the unit, those objects can be cleared away by hand. In autumn, the top of the unit can be covered with a board or special central air cover when the cooling season is over. That keeps all debris out. The technician can give the equipment’s interior a thorough cleaning at the maintenance appointment. For information visit Accurate Heating & Air Conditioning.