Retractable Banners: For Sales, Marketing And Branding

If you want to get attention at a Chicago trade show or market your services at a special event, you have several options. Posters and other display items can suffice in some instances. In many cases, however, you want to make a big splash. If you want to catch and hold the eye of all who pass, your best bet may be retractable banners.

What You Should Look for in a Banner

Canners are available in a variety of types. They come in different colors, shapes and designs. Customizing one for your event or company is not difficult if you work with the right printing company. Yet, no matter what type of banner you request, you do need to hire the right printer and designer. You want a banner that

  • Features a balanced design and spacing
  • Is carefully designed
  • Is appropriately designed
  • Utilizes the right substrate fabric or other material
  • Is durable
  • Can be reused for other events
  • Is highly visible
  • Displays the sharpness and clarity in the design, the colors and any text

These are qualities to expect from any type of banner including a retractable one.

Retractable Banners

If your plans include a trade show, you will probably find a retractable banner to be the most versatile. In any display area, they stand out clearly, defining the space and clearly revealing the company’s message or products. Such banners are not new. Earlier marketing agents, aka traveling salespeople, once carried similar types – flat-fold banners, around to various locales across the country. In cities such as Chicago, these portable devices were a popular device.

Today, however, innovative technology replaces the flat-fold banner with a retractable one. Rather than fold the banner, the company agent disappears from site into its sleek base. This makes them advantageous for several reasons. A retractable banner:

  • Opens up and closes down easily
  • Easy to assemble
  • Are reusable
  • Can be stored with ease in their slender case
  • Do not gather dust
  • Do not exhibit signs of rust or decay
  • Are easily packed to take to a convention, trade show or other event
  • Are available in a variety of sizes – widths and heights
  • Can be purchased as either one-sided or two-sided designs

Salespeople, whether experienced or new to this employment, find a retractable banner ultimately easier to transport than the older flat-fold banners.

Retractable Banners

At one time, flat-fold banners were the most popular means of providing color and style at trade shows. Chicago salespeople folded them up and took them away at the end of the event. These devices were awkward and placed restrictions on the ability of bringing several to the event and placing them easily and appropriately. The invention of retractable banners has since made this form of promotion a lot easier.

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