Why You Should Consider Natural Childbirth

Women have many reasons for preparing to have a natural childbirth. Some reasons are physical, some are emotional, and some can only be classified as spiritual. If you have been weighing your options for childbirth, you know it can be difficult to balance out the reasoning for each. Regardless of your particular reason for wanting to try giving birth naturally, you should be aware of the benefits that are associated with it when compared to the standard methods.

Advantages of Natural Childbirth

During a natural childbirth, the mother is not given any drugs to dull the pain. Since she is completely aware of the birthing process, she has a more fulfilling and beautiful experience. She is more in control of her body.

Any drug that the mother takes can reach the baby as well. A natural birth is healthiest for the baby, since he or she will arrive in a non-drugged state. There is instant bonding between the mother and the baby since both are conscious, and breastfeeding can start immediately. Natural birth is also often better psychologically for the family as a whole. They will not have to wait for the mother to regain alertness and can join the mother and baby soon after birth.

Medication as a Fallback Option

When you set your mind on giving birth naturally, it does not mean you must give birth without medications even if you eventually need them. It is undeniable that there are certain situations where medications simply must be used. If you do not learn natural childbirth techniques beforehand, your only pain management options will be limited to what the hospital staff can do, which is probably just medication. On the other hand, if you already know pain management techniques, you will be able to reduce the pain on your own.