Rexnord Couplings: Flexible Disc Couplings

Industries requiring mechanical power transmission understand the importance of choosing the right coupling. They know the device is more than a simple connective component. To make certain, they chose the best option possible for their Louisiana facilities; they talk to their technical and engineering staff. While gear and chain couplings are potentially viable, many in the automotive industry prefer flexible discs. For many, the best option is obvious – Rexnord couplings specifically the flexible discs by the Thomas Coupling Division of Rexnord Corp.

What Is a Flexible Coupling?

A flexible coupling is a device that couples two shafts by their ends. At the same time, it transmits torque from one shaft to the other and assists with any slight misalignments that might occur. A quality flexible coupling:

* Protects the equipment it connects by

* Absorbing such sensations as pulsations, shocks, and vibrations

* Lessening the cross-load on the bearings

* Accepting load reversals

* Reducing backlash

* Minimizing difficulties that fall into two categories: installation and “maintenance.”

Rexnord Thomas Flexible Disc Coupling

Flexible disc couplings use a single or multiple disc. The flexibility of these discs is essential to ensure the transmission of torque and the accommodation of any misalignment that may occur – particularly angular misalignment. Flexible disc couplings can transmit high torques successfully making them suitable for coupling motors and turbines that possess a high level of horsepower to the loads.

Rexnord couplings of the flexible disc type include:

* The Thomas SR 54RDG: The latest version

* The Thomas series 71 and 71-8: Three piece design disc couplings

* The Thomas AMR/CMR couplings: Optimal for heavy duty slow to medium speed applications

Rexnord Couplings

Companies across America, including Texas, require high-quality couplings to ensure effective, efficient control of power transmission equipment. Rexnord couplings offer companies a choice. While some prefer chain or gear couplings, others opt for another option, the flexible disc couplings – ideal for transmitting high torque while addressing angular misalignment.

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