Saying Thank You with an Engraved Personalized Trophy

When it comes to trophies, most people think of that traditional gold vase that has a black base rewarding an achievement most commonly associated with sports. Showcasing a person’s achievement should be something an individual is proud to show off. It could be an achievement in sports, business, community, or just anyone who should be rewarded for standing out among the rest. Treat them to crystal engraved trophies, such as a vase or plaque.

A Gift That Spreads Motivation Continuously

Recognition also reaches others, leading them by example. Other people have the opportunity to respect the level of achievement that the person has gained. They also see that the potential to get to that standard may lie in their own self. The capacity of enthusiasm from one award has the potential to spread throughout others.

Celebrating an Achievement with a Long Lasting Stone or Glass

When looking for a very special trophy for an outstanding achievement it’s best to consider an Ellison trophy cup. It is large in size and is beautifully hand cut and polished. A simple etching in the middle shows that this trophy is for an outstanding award. Jade or cobalt is glass that catches the eye for a different shade than crystal clear. Jade has a hint of green, especially around cut edges. Cobalt is a deep elegant blue that really highlights the engraving on a vase or bowl. Marble is less expensive but still a great way to say thank you. There are a variety of shapes and cuts of crystal that can be engraved to really catch others interest. A variety of options are available to celebrate an individual’s hard work and dedication. In order to keep them motivated to continue on the good path they’ve created for themselves. A small investment to show your gratitude will amount in large appreciation. The value of engraved glass is personal and special to that specific person that they can enjoy the reward for years to come.

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