Scheduling Sod Maintenance Service in Ashburn, VA to Keep Grass Healthy and Beautiful

Sod installation allows a property owner to have a green lawn within a day. Many commercial organizations as well as residential property owners with large lots choose to have sod installed instead of planting seed. They also may schedule routine Sod Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA to keep the grass healthy and looking great.

Seasonal Projects

A company providing Sod Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA may have a recommended schedule for doing certain types of projects. They know the best times of the year to fertilize and add extra seed, for example. Aeration can also be done along with weed removal.

Resolving Problems

The technician takes note of any problems that are developing and resolves them with effective strategies. Property owners also are encouraged to call if they notice any issues between appointments, like discoloration in one area of the grass. The technicians diagnose the problem and take troubleshooting steps to eliminate it.

Maintenance for Various Types of Grass

Many types of grass are available in sod. The grass variety the property owner chooses may be directly connected to the amount of maintenance it needs. Some grass is more sensitive to weather and soil conditions whereas other kinds are hardier. The turf company representatives can make suggestions after visiting the site where sod is to be placed. A blend of grasses sometimes is recommended.

Weekly Mowing

Some property owners want weekly mowing too. They can ask whether the turf company provides this type of service, and if not, they will need to find a reputable lawn maintenance company. It’s also common for these individuals to buy a riding mower if they plan to do their own grass cutting since using a push mower for a big lot takes a lot of time and energy.

Maintenance as a Priority

Other semi-annual tasks are important to keep the grass lush and green. They can be completed on a recommended schedule by technicians with a sod farm company such as Premier Turf Farms. After the investment required to have sod placed, maintaining its health and beauty will be a priority. Contact us to learn more.

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