Factors to Consider When Comparing Liquid Blending Equipment

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Beverages

Choosing the correct blending system for any type of beverage production is essential in the final quality of the product. The choice of the blending system allows for complete control offer the blending process, which results in complete consistency between batches and within production runs.

There are several different features or performance factors to consider when comparing and evaluating liquid blending equipment for a specific application. For most production processes, flexibility and versatility in the blender are also critical factors as using the same equipment for multiple types of beverages is a common practice with smaller producers.

CIP Technology

An essential consideration of any type of processing equipment in beverage production is the maintenance and cleaning requirements. CIP or clean in place technology allows for automated cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing of liquid blending equipment and other system components to minimize downtime.

This is also a simple way to limit the number of hours needed for staff to maintain the equipment. Using CIP technology also ensures the cleaning is precise, consistent and accurate, eliminating the risk of overlooking a component or simply rushing through the job which can be problematic with manual cleaning operations.

Cost of Operation

Assuming the same capacity for blending between systems, and the ability to integrate with the current cooling, deaeration and in-line carbonation processes, a deciding factor for most processors will be the cost of operation.

This includes both the energy consumption required to operate the liquid blending equipment as well as the water requirements. There are manufacturers offering blending equipment that has lower than average energy and water usage, without any difference in capacity, performance or consistency.

The cost savings with the low consumption types of systems, particularly with long-term use, make these an essential addition to any beverage processing system.

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