Senior Care in Alexandria, Virginia Helps Your Loved Ones Stay Hydrated

Maintaining proper hydration is essential at any age, but as you get older, the composition of your body changes, and the amount of water in your body decreases. This indicates that less water loss is required for one to become dehydrated and start experiencing negative effects on their health.
In addition, as people become older, they experience a drop in their sense of thirst. As a result, they feel less thirsty throughout the day, even if their bodies require more fluids. This is where senior care in Alexandria, Va., can help keep your loved ones hydrated.

Symptoms of Dehydration

The sensation of thirst is one of the earliest warning symptoms of dehydration, but, as was said earlier, you might not feel as thirsty as you become older, even when you are dehydrated. You may find that you are extremely parched and unable to slake your thirst, which indicates moderate to severe dehydration, depending on how severe the dehydration is—other symptoms to watch for include being extra sleepy, experiencing light-headedness, having dark urine, and more.

How Senior Care Helps

Seniors can significantly benefit from in-home caregivers from Capital City Nurses by lowering their risk of dehydration. A caregiver should ensure that fresh water is available and can also provide frequent reminders to continue drinking throughout the day.

Additionally, senior care in Alexandria, Va., may help with meal preparation and planning so that high-water-content items are readily available for meals and snacks. They can also keep an eye out for symptoms of possible dehydration, promote more water consumption, or seek medical help.