Sensible Tips For Detangling 4C Natural Hair in Stone Mountain

In the beginning, you may not have known how to handle your 4C natural hair. Although it has a wonderful coiled appearance, it may have taken time to learn ways to twist, coil, and braid it. Fortunately, you were able to figure it out. Similarly, you may have trouble with keeping it detangled. But, there are sensible ways you can use to conquer that also. Below are a few tips to try.

Use a Detangling Product

You may have a minimalist approach to your hair where you avoid using a lot of product. Or, you could have a ton of products to highlight your natural texture. But, there should be a specific product you use for detangling 4C hair. It should add a lot of lubrication to your hair so that your fingers or the comb can easily slip through. In many cases, the detangler will come with essential oils or moisturizers to further enhance your strands.

Start at the Ends

If you are used to dealing with your hair in a straightened state, your combing technique may begin with the roots and work towards the ends. However, this can be problematic with curly hair, particularly when filled with tangles or knots. When detangling 4C hair, start with the ends and slowly move upwards, so you are removing knots and not ripping hair out.

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