Services Provided By Grand Rapids Ophthalmology In Walker

Among the many eye care specialists available to those who live in Walker, MI, one of them is an ophthalmologist. At Grand River Ophthalmology, you have a chance to visit and learn more about why an ophthalmologist is important. He or she is an active member of a team who is committed to ensuring everyone receives quality eye care.

What Is Ophthalmology?

The professionals that staff Grand River Ophthalmology are experts in their field. Ophthalmology is the medical field that focuses on the eye. Those who study it are learned in diverse aspects of the eye including:

* Anatomy
* Functions
* Pathology
* Treatments

Their level of training makes them specialists in vision care.

Organizations Associated with Ophthalmology

Eye doctors that become ophthalmologists are often members of organizations that pertain to their specialty. Among those available to professionals in Walker are:

* The American Academy of Ophthalmology: In the United States, around 90 percent of the practicing eye doctors hold membership in this organization.
* AAPOS the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
* American Ophthalmological Society
* Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology
* The International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)

Other state, national and international organizations exist in which an eye doctor may become a member. All focus on ensuring the standards of the profession remain high.

What Do Ophthalmologists Do?

Ophthalmologists in Walker perform many tasks relating to preserving and treating eyes. They have been educated and trained in practicing and surgical medicine of the eye. Like an optometrist, those individuals at Grand River Ophthalmology, they provide total eye care, including:

* Vision Services: This includes the well-known eye exam

* Medical Eye Care: This is non-surgical treatment for various eye conditions including glaucoma

* Surgical Eye Care: To address problems requiring surgical procedures including cataracts, crossed eyes, glaucoma and trauma

* Related Eye Issues: The handling of eye problems that have their origins in other diseases e.g. diabetes

* Cosmetic Surgery: This refers specifically to such things as eyelid lifts and brow lifts

What Does Grand Rapids Ophthalmology Offer in Walker?

If you live in Walker, you can receive many of the above listed treatments at the branch of the Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. The Walker Surgical Center is capable of providing its clients with a wide range of such services. Among the more common ones are:

* Blepharoplasty

* Cataract treatment

* Corrective Surgical Procedures

* Eye Corrections

* Eye Trauma

* Glaucoma Treatment

* Pediatric Eye Care

* Routine Eye Care

The Center utilizes the latest methods and technology to help its clients.

Ophthalmologist: Total Eye Care

If you want to learn more about the responsibilities and services provided by ophthalmologists in Walker, contact the professional staff at the Walker Surgical Clinic. A surgical center of the Grand Rapids Ophthalmology, it is well equipped and prepared to provide you with the right answers to your questions.

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