Services To Add To Warehousing In Charlotte, NC

If you have seasonal inventory that just won’t fit in your current warehouse, are expanding to a new city, or even for companies not wanting the overhead of their own warehouse facility, warehousing by another company in Charlotte, NC is a great idea.

The need for warehousing is an ever increasing part of the business for many moving companies, not just for trucking companies or storage companies. In fact, for many businesses, the moving company option offers a full-service logistics department in addition to providing storage.

The moving companies already have the storage facilities, and they have the tracking technology to assist with many additional issues for your business such as inventory management and coordinating product care. Additionally, since the movers have the trucks, they can also complete deliveries, making them a one-stop warehousing option for businesses small and large.

Inventory Management

If you use bar-coding as an inventory control and management protocol, there are a few warehousing services in Charlotte that can integrate your bar-coding into their end. This allows you to have instant information on your inventory as scanning items in and out of the warehouse, and also on delivery, allows you to manage the distribution and stock right from the comfort of your own computer.

Additionally, these companies will provide regular reports as you request, allowing you to know what is happening with your inventory at all steps along the way.

Care for your Products

Depending on the type of products or inventory you are leaving with the warehousing service, care for your items will be a critical factor. The best companies will offer climate-controlled storage, ensuring that the correct conditions for your merchandise and will be maintained at all times.

Additionally, it is also possible to have a completely safe and secure facility for your inventory and stock. This includes warehousing companies offering around the clock security using professional staff and closed-circuit cameras monitored 24/7. Client access can be arranged as needed, and all visitors will be checked before entering the facility for additional security.

Factors to look for include fire suppression systems and the option for vault storage to secure the items you are warehousing. Other issues to consider for your inventory include blanket wrapping and asset tagging, both designed to secure and protect larger or valuable items while in storage and during delivery.

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