Shopping For Car Insurance Seattle: How To Save Money On Your Rates

As the economy is recovering from a downward slope, many Americans are trying to find ways to cut costs any way they can. One of the ways many people have found they can cut costs is in their auto insurance premiums. While it is always good to find ways to lower your monthly auto insurance, not all advice is good advice. Here are a few of the dos and don’ts of lowering your Car Insurance Seattle.


One of the best ways to save on auto insurance can be taken care of before you even insure you vehicle. Choose to begin by purchasing a vehicle which meets certain criteria. Auto insurers, such as SAV-ON Insurance Agencies Seattle, reward their insureds by offering discounted rates for those with certain safety auto features. Features such as the number of airbags your vehicle has, whether or not your vehicle has daytime running lamps or anti-lock brakes, as well as vehicles that are better for the environment (hybrid), all lower your insurance rate.

Bundling your insurance premiums with one company can also save you on your insurance, as a whole, not just your auto insurance. Most people also have life insurance, and if you live in a home or apartment, you have to have homeowners or renters insurance. By bundling the homeowners, life and auto insurance into one plan with one insurance company, most companies will offer discounts for having all of your business.


Deductibles are one of those issues that many people grapple with in an effort to lower their auto insurance rates. One of the worst ways to lower your rates is to raise deductible levels. The whole point of insurance is to limit the amount of out-of-pocket money you must spend after an accident. If you raise the amount of money you have to spend before the insurance kicks in, you have defeated the purpose of having insurance. The less you have to shell out up front, the better.

Some auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance coverage as part of the package. While roadside assistance is a great, bundling that coverage with your auto insurance is not a good idea. Just as your rate rises with every accident you have, every time you need roadside assistance your rates are likely to rise, as well. Opt for secondary companies that specialize in roadside assistance that are not connected to your auto insurance. Click here for more information.

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