Signs it’s Time to Take a Pet in for Dog Grooming in Odenton

Most professionals suggest that pet owners take their animals in for professional dog grooming in Odenton every six to eight weeks. However, there are often extenuating circumstances that require more frequent care. Given that adequate grooming is one of the most important responsibilities pet owners have toward their animals, dog owners should keep an eye out for the following signs that it’s time to take a dog in for an extra visit to the groomer.

Matted Fur

Fur that is matted and tangled doesn’t just make dogs look unkempt; it can also contribute to poor overall health by trapping dirt, pests, and debris. This, in turn, can lead to skin damage and contribute to flea and tick problems, leaving dogs feeling itchy and uncomfortable. It’s important to have matted fur addressed by a professional to ensure the animals’ continued comfort.

Fleas and Ticks

Dogs’ coats can, if left to their own devices, provide a perfect hiding place for fleas and ticks. Pet owners should always keep an eye out for signs of infestations such as bites on their animals’ skin, excessive scratching, detritus, and the development of sores in addition to checking for the pests themselves. These tiny pests can do a lot of damage to a dog’s overall health and well-being and can easily spread to other areas of the home, so don’t hesitate to take an animal in for a flea bath if any symptoms of infestation are present.

Long Nails

Dogs that get plenty of exercise on sidewalks and roads often don’t require frequent nail trimming. However, exercise on surfaces like grass, sand, and soil doesn’t have the same beneficial effect, and excessively long nails can be painful and lead to foot injuries. It’s a good idea for dog owners to check their animals’ nails frequently and take them in for dog grooming in Odenton if the nails get too long.

Dirt and Debris

It’s normal for dogs to get a little dirty when they’re playing outside, but it isn’t healthy to let all that dirt and debris build-up in their coats or on their skin. Pet owners can visit the website for information about who to call if their dogs get a little bit too enthusiastic during their outdoor play time.

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