Things to Consider When Taking Your Pet to the Vet’s Office to be Groomed

There are many options when it comes to dog grooming in Crofton. You can choose the best deal on services, or find the grooming salon closest to you with the most time available on their schedule. But when it comes to having your pet taken care of, why just go for cheap and super convenient? Taking your pet to the veterinary office for grooming may cost a bit more money, but can also give you peace of mind in a way a regular salon cannot.


Independent pet grooming salons will often have cheaper rates than a veterinary office will. But there are reasons the vet’s office may be seem so expensive. They are able to anesthetize animals as needed for grooming treatments. This means they can work with anxious, aggressive, and scared dogs and cats that a basic dog grooming business in Crofton cannot.


Again, a veterinary office is often set up to better handle dogs and cats that act frightened or angry about being groomed. They can use different methods to mellow the animal out and get them to relax so they can be properly taken care of. They will also have licensed and certified assistants and veterinary technicians who know how to deal with difficult animals.


Accidents can happen, no matter how well you prepare for otherwise. While groomers at a regular salon may know basic first aid and emergency procedures, they aren’t going to be as prepared as a veterinary office will be if something goes wrong. If a dog panics and chokes himself on a lead, a cat attacks and claws up itself or the groomer, or if trimmers slip and cause a wound, the veterinary office staff will be ready to deal with it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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