Signs of a Mortar Failure that Needs to Be Addressed By a Brick Fireplace Repair Contractor in Severna Park, MD

Brick is a naturally strong and weather-resistant material that can last for hundreds of years. Often, when brick fails, it is due to the failure of the mortar. Mortar is designed to take all of the abuse of weather. Because this is the part that fails the most, there are some indications that repair is needed.

One of the indications it’s time to discuss repairs with the Brick Fireplace Repair Contractor in Severna Park MD is the appearance of loose bricks. Bricks that wiggle and move in their home location indicate the mortar is not adequately working. While the problem may appear to be confined to one location, a thorough inspection will have to be done to determine if there are other problem areas. If the mortar is old, the entire fireplace may need a fresh application.

Missing bricks are also indications of mortar failure. This situation is actually more serious than having a few loose bricks. The missing bricks create holes in which harmful smoke can escape. It can also allow other things such as water and animals to enter the home. If there are enough of them missing, the integrity of the chimney can become compromised. Since a missing brick will speed up the deterioration of the surrounding bricks, it does need to be replaced as soon as possible.

The growth of plant life along the chimney is another issue to discuss with the brick fireplace repair contractor in Severna Park MD. While the appearance of vines can enhance the beauty of the chimney, it will also damage it. The plant will grab on the brick and keep the moisture levels high against the brick. Because the mortar is required to protect against water intrusion, it is tested to the limits with plant growth. In addition, the sheer weight of the plant can create a significant pull on the fireplace.

While a brick fireplace can last a very long time, it does have its limits. The biggest limiting factor is the mortar. Mortar will deteriorate at a faster rate than bricks. While this preserves the bricks, it can also lead to damage. Contact Complete Chimneys LLC if there are indications that the mortar has deteriorated.

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