More Than Just Teeth and Gums: What Dentists Really Do

Dentists are more than just people who take out a rotten tooth. They do a whole lot more to keep you healthy.

What They Do

The responsibilities of a dentist typically include:

*   Diagnosing oral illnesses or conditions you might have.
*   Encouraging better oral practices to ensure health and prevent diseases.
*   Creating treatment plans well-suited to the needs of every patient.
*   Overseeing the safe use of anesthetics on patients.
*   Monitoring the growth of teeth and jaws in babies and kids to make sure development is normal.
*   Carrying out surgery to address patient issues with teeth, soft tissues or the bones of your oral cavity.

More than Just an Extraction

For most people, it might seem nothing more than a routine tooth extraction, something so simple that any orthodontist can do it. However, an extraction gone wrong could result in whole range of problems and issues. A skilled dentist makes an extraction painless and safe.

Skill and Training

Dentists achieve their degrees through a certain necessary level of education and clinical training, says the American Dental Association. That’s what makes them qualified. If you’re looking for dentists in Plantation FL, it’s best to go for someone with the skills and training to handle your situation like Westside Dental Center. Whether you need a simple extraction or you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures, hiring someone with the right qualifications will make a difference in your oral health.


The best kinds of orthodontists never stop learning. They continually keep up with the latest tools, techniques, and treatment styles to ensure that they can provide their patients with the highest level of dental care. From courses to workshops, these medical professionals continually hone their skills. That’s the kind of professional that you and your family deserve.

If you’re looking for the right orthodontist, keep these things in mind. With help, you’ll be able to pick someone who’s more than qualified to provide you with a range of dental solutions.

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