Signs Of Asthma to Look for In Pediatrics Patients

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Asthma

Have you been wondering if your child has asthma? If so, you should know there are about twenty million people in the United States who suffer from asthma. Sadly, for some people, asthma causes them to miss work on a regular basis, and some even make multiple trips to the emergency room each year because of their asthma. Since so many Americans will be affected with asthma at some time in their lives, it’s essential to know the warning signs of asthma so you can get sufferers the quickest treatment possible when needed.

One sign your child may have asthma is if they have frequent respiratory infections that are difficult to get rid of. Many times, if you have asthma, it can take two rounds of antibiotics to get rid of your infection, and you may have a persistent cough for even longer. Plus, when children with asthma get sick, they often experience wheezing, too. Wheezing is basically the presence of whistling sounds that can be heard when you breathe. Another sign your child may have asthma is if they have difficulty sleeping because of coughing at night.

Many children with asthma also complain of chest pain and may have difficulty breathing. For some kids, this chest pain only occurs after they have been participating in a vigorous activity, such as running. Some children who have asthma also look very tired and may even have dark circles under their eyes. Children with asthma may also experience frequent headaches as well. With the majority of Pediatrics patients, asthma symptoms develop before the age of five. However, it’s important to be aware you develop asthma at any time in your life.

Determining whether or not your child has asthma on your own can often be difficult. Therefore, many parents decide to take their children to an asthma and allergy doctor who also focuses in Pediatrics. If you would like to have, your child evaluated for asthma, contact Allergy Asthma & Immunology Relief. They are currently accepting new patients and would be happy to evaluate your child. Plus, if the doctors determine your child does have asthma or allergies, they will create a custom treatment plan to meet your child’s individual needs.

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