Tips For Selecting The Correct Fire Extinguisher In Iowa

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Business Services

It can be confusing for a homeowner, business owner, manager or site supervisor to determine which type of fire extinguisher in Iowa is best for a given situation. This can be more complicated when different types of fire risks are present in one location.

The key to choosing the right fire extinguisher in Iowa is to understand the types of fires each option is used for. Each fire extinguisher in Iowa, which may also be called a fire suppressant system, are divided into different categories. Then, each extinguisher will also be rated with a number to indicate the strength or amount of fire it is effective in controlling.

In addition to a Class designation and numeral rating, each category of fire extinguisher in Iowa is also clearly labeled with a colored symbol. This allows quick identification of the type of extinguisher without having to stop and read the label.

Class A

Class A fire extinguishers are designed for flammable materials such as paper, cardboard, wood and various type of plastic found in typical homes, buildings and on worksites. It will use water to extinguish the fire and shoe not be used on combustible liquids or any type of chemicals or electric fires.

Class B

A Class B fire extinguisher in Iowa is often found in a shop or on a job site as well as in a vehicle or in a garage. It is designed to put out fires involving grease, oil, gas or kerosene, as well as methane, butane, propane, diesel and ethanol or methanol.
They are typically foam types of extinguishers which cut off oxygen to the fire without causing it to spread.

Class C

Another type of extinguisher is used for Class C fires. This includes electric fires and equipment fires. It is important to use only a Class C extinguisher, or a combination extinguisher with the Class C designation, on any electric fire. These are a dry chemical extinguisher which sprays a non-conductive material or carbon dioxide to put out the flames.

Class D

Class D fire extinguishers are not typically found in general use areas but are often used where chemicals are present. This can include laboratories and testing facilities as well as some industrial and processing applications. Like Class C fire extinguishers, they use a dry powder.
Class K fire extinguisher in Iowa are used in commercial kitchens and are designed put out fires including those occurring with cooking appliances and grease and cooking oil.

There are also combination ratings for different models, and this type of rating for a fire extinguisher in Iowa is often the best option for a home or where multiple classes of fire may be a possibility.

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