Signs That a New Furnace is Needed Before Winter Comes

While the furnace has provided excellent performance for many years, things were not quite as comfortable this past winter. The Chances are that things will not improve with the upcoming cold weather. Rather than taking chances, it is worth the time and effort to talk with a professional about options for repair and replacement. Here are some signs that the call to a professional should take place today

Cold Spots in the House

In years past, the furnace kept the entire home at a uniform temperature. It did not matter if the owner was in the back bedroom or the living room. Every area of the home was comfortable. This past winter there were definitely parts of the home that never did really get warm enough. The best solution could be investing in a brand New furnace and once again being able to enjoy every part of the house all year long.

Increased Energy Consumption

Another issue that cropped up this past winter was the cost of operating the furnace. While the winter was no colder than usual, the heating bill was up considerably. With no other way to account for the increase, it stands to reason that the furnace was the problem. If the homeowner does not want to pay even higher costs this winter, the time is here to talk with a professional about the installation of a New furnace.

New and Unsettling Noises

While the furnace always made a little noise during operation, it was easy to ignore. That was not the case during the past winter. At times, the noise was enough to wake people up at night. Since no one has any desire to face the day without getting some sleep, it makes sense to talk with a contractor about replacing the old furnace. Doing so will ensure everyone in the home is warm and can also sleep without interruption.

In order to get help selecting the right furnace, call the team at Service 1 Heating & A/C today. After taking a look at the home, it will be possible to recommend a unit that will heat the space and use a minimum of energy. Once the unit is chosen, the professional can make sure it is properly installed and ready to take on whatever the upcoming winter brings. You can like them on Facebook.

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