Sometimes, a single pipe might spring a leak, which can be fairly simple to take care of. What can be a bigger issue is the need for a full water line repair in Park Ridge. This issue can affect the entire home and should be taken care of as soon as is reasonably possible. If you’re curious whether you need this type of repair, read on. We’ll look at some signs that mean you might.

Extremely Decreased Water Pressure

If you had excellent water pressure, but it now seems to be on the decline, that can be the sign of trouble. Another issue would be if you can’t manage to bump the water pressure using a regulator. This might be a sign that there is a blocked in the water main slowing down the flow. You need an expert to take care of this and quickly.

Puddles in the Yard

Discovering puddles in the yard is a normal experience if it has just rained. But if you notice puddles when there has been no precipitation, that can be a sign of problems. Even if you don’t see puddles, you may notice that the grass is growing in extra green above the water line. This means the ground is absorbing the water before you see it and you should have your’re main inspected for leaks.

Rising Water Bills

Even if you don’t notice puddles or water pressure differences, you may notice if your water bill starts to head north. This isn’t necessarily indicative of a problem requiring water line repair in Park Ridge, but it’s best to have someone look into the situation, just to be sure.

Gurgling Noises

Another sign that is common with this problem is hearing gurgling sounds. You might hear strange noises coming from the toilet when you turn on the sink or in similar situations. This is the sign of a plumbing problem, and it’s likely not confined to a single pipe. Hearing strange noises is an excellent reason to get in touch with a professional.

When you leak in your water line, it can lead to serious problems. Nobody wants to handle water damage alone. Thankfully, North Coast Sewer & Drainage is here to take care of your problem. To learn more about our staff and repair options, you can visit us at or call 847-361-0970.