Researching Sellers Before Buying Used Lab Equipment For Sale

While used lab equipment offers tremendous cost savings over new equipment purchases, it is still important to get the best deal possible. It is also important to buy from an established, reputable used and refurbished medical equipment seller.

Too often lab managers or purchasing managers in facilities do not complete due diligence on a seller. This can lead to problems with the quality of the equipment that is purchased, challenges with having warranties on refurbished equipment honored, and even problems with getting a fair price on used lab equipment for sale.

Pricing Policies

The top companies offering used lab equipment for sale do not provide prices on their website. These companies tend to offer equipment as used or refurbished, with refurbished equipment offering a warranty. The price of the equipment will vary based on the need for warranty and other factors, which is why specific prices are not posted.

However, by calling into these companies or contacting them through email or online chat systems at the website, information will be provided. Less reputable companies are often vague about pricing, or they may be using a “bait and switch” play to upsell those calling in about an extremely low price on the price of equipment listed on the site.

Company Reputation

Discovering the reputation of any company offering used lab equipment for sale should not be difficult. This is particularly true if the company has been in business for decades and has a customer base of satisfied lab managers with a history of buying and selling to the used medical equipment dealer.

Online searches, referrals from other lab managers or purchasing agents as well as a finding out about the company’s history through their website can provide a clear picture of the customer service, quality of equipment and sales support you can expect with the purchase.