Simple Tips for Saving Water Heater Energy Before Using Plumbing Service in Tucson

Water heating is one of the biggest consumers of energy in most homes. Saving some of the energy used in heating water will go a long way in reducing your energy bill. Before going to a plumbing service in Tucson for replacement of your heater, here are simple tips you can follow while using your current water heater that will considerably reduce your energy bill.

Use Insulating Blanket

Check if the tank needs extra insulation by placing your hand on its outside surface. If you feel warm then the tank might be losing heat called standby heat loss if the tank is for water storage. To prevent this kind of heat loss, wrap a blanket around the tank for insulation. However, it should be remembered that some hot water tanks like those fired by gas need extra care when wrapping the blanket to prevent any hazardous slip. For such tanks, it is advisable you seek the services of a professional.

Keep the Temperatures at below 60 Degrees Celsius

Make sure the thermostat is kept at not more than 60 degrees centigrade. If you are not familiar with operation of the thermostat, check for instructions in the thermostat manual or inquire from a Plumbing Service professional. If your water heater is gas-fired, the thermostat is usually found on the gas valve near the bottom of the tank while for electric ones, the thermostats are usually behind the screw-on panels. As a safety measure, turn off the electricity connected to the water heater before you open the panels. Turn down the thermostat and then check the temperature of the water farthest from the water heater using a thermometer. Keeping the water temperatures at below 60 degrees Celsius not only reduces the cost of maintaining the water hot but also slows down the building up of minerals as well as corrosion in the water heater and the pipes supplying it with water. With less mineral buildup and corrosion, the water heater is able to operate more efficiently and last longer.

Certainly these tips will considerably reduce your energy costs by reducing the amount of energy used by the water heater. However, if your energy consumption does not reduce as dramatically as you might have wanted, go to a company for plumbing service in Tucson for a new energy saving water heater.

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