3 Things You Should Not Ignore About Your Sump Pump

A Sump Pump can be a great investment for those who live in an area that is likely to experiencing flooding. They are the best line of defense to prevent your basement from flooding and causing a lot of damage. While they can be a great benefit to have for your home, many times, homeowners don’t take the time to have them serviced, and as a result end up with a lot of water damage that could have been avoided. Below are three signs you should be aware of to determine if your sump pump is in need of maintenance.

Water in the Basement

Since sump pumps are supposed to keep water out of the home, if you notice any water in the basement, this is a sign that something is wrong. There could be a clog, or something else that is causing the problem. Acting now is imperative, as you can never predict when the next big storm is coming. Catching the problem early on can prevent potential flooding and water damage from occurring to your property.

What’s That Smell

Another warning sign that your sump pumps might be in need of some maintenance is if you notice a strange smell. Even if you cannot see water, when there is water present in the room it will leave behind a very musty and mildew smell. There could be water leaking behind walls and in other hard to see places that dries up and causes that smell.

Did You Hear That

Another common sign for failing sump pumps is noise. They are designed to be quiet and run smoothly at all times. So if you notice strange sounds of any kind, you should have a plumbing professional come and take care of the maintenance.

Paying attention to these three signs can save you tons of money on repairs or having to replace your Sump Pump. By having a plumbing professional complete routine maintenance and repairs in a timely fashion, you can prevent the dangers of water damage and flooding. Even if you don’t detect any of these warning signs, having a plumber from AAA Wicks to service your pumps on the routine basis can keep you prepared in the event of a storm.

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