Smooth Out Smile Lines In One Afternoon

Smile! People are saying smile less and less as taking photos or having your photo taken five to six times daily is becoming perfectly normal. Think about it—ten years ago, would you have guessed that you’d be turning a camera on yourself every time you went somewhere new or interesting? Would you’ve ever been comfortable taking selfies? All this smiling and close ups has a lot of women and men taking a closer look at the mirrors lately and for good reason. As we get older, our faces begin to lose their youthful glow and lift; scars and fine lines seem to become more and more pronounced every year and if you thought you were crazy to think your lips were shrinking—you’re not! Your lips lose their plumpness from losing fat and internal shape from normal aging. And all this smiling is taking its toll too. The smile lines you’ve had seem to be deepening. Luckily, these small (and we do mean small) imperfections are all easily treated at a local medspa.

Juvederm To The Rescue

Juvederm is composed largely of hyaluronic acid, a substance found in the skin, muscles and tendons of mammals. The FDA approved Juvederm in June of 2006 and plastic surgeons have been using it to soften deep folds and wrinkles in the faces of patients since. Because Juvederm is natural to mammals, your body will absorb it in six to ninth months, which is good news. If you love how it makes you look and feel, than maintaining the look isn’t difficult. Finding a medspa you love can be tricky just because they are many to choose from. If you’re looking for a medspa that specializes in Juvederm in Northfield, there are options in most areas.

Other Uses For Juvederm

Scars, and thinning lips are probably not anything you worried about ten years ago, but then again ten years ago was a decade ago, a decade!. Luckily, these minor details are nothing you need to do worry about. Juvederm injections help to reduce visibility of small facial scarring and help to give your lips that bounce you’ve been looking for. Again, the great thing about this treatment is that it is not permanent, so if it’s not for you than you won’t have any regrets further down the road. Finding the best spa that specializes in treatments with Juvederm in Northfield may take a little bit of research, but in the long run it should be well worth the effort!


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