T-Slot Systems – Applications and Assembly

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

A T-slot system is an easy-to-assemble framing system. These have many purposes in the commercial and industrial fields. Most people do not store t-slot systems on their own, but they can often be rented for temporary use or purchased for a specific need.

T-slot systems can be used for a variety of applications. They are simple to assemble, making them the perfect solution for any situation. T-slot systems can be assembled to create crates of any size. They will be sturdy, yet easy to move. T-slots also make great tables, office furniture or moveable stations. They can be assembled to block off areas or to guide people in a certain direction. These systems are also used to create shelving units or carts for transporting items.

Ease of Use
T-slot systems are manufactured with the end-user in mind. No expert or engineer is required to assemble the slots properly. They are easy to put together to form the necessary shape. They are also strong, so you don’t have to worry about losing a load if you use a t-slot system for a crate or a cart. They make great enclosures (or frames) around equipment or materials to either hold them in place or to make moving them easier and secure. Most t-slots are made of aluminum materials for durability.

T-slots come in many sizes depending on the need. The manufacturer should be able to help you choose your requirements based on what you’re building. They should also offer accessories in order to create a complete product. For example, you may need tempered glass to enclose the frame or wire mesh to finish off an enclosure. With enough information, the manufacturer should recommend the additional pieces you will need for your project.

Completing a T-Slot System
Be sure that the hardware for the t-slots is also included in your order. These systems are easy to assemble, but you will still need all the correct pieces. You can usually decide whether you want the raw materials or a full kit for your project. In some cases, you can even buy the final product pre-assembled. Determine what is best for you and then call an experienced manufacturer.

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