Some Reasons Plumbers Are Called Upon to Do Sewer Repair in Bremerton, WA

A home’s sewer system is intended to allow wastewater to drain, traveling to a municipal treatment plant or a private septic tank. Aside from flushing toilets and faucets that send water into rains, the activity is relatively passive, consisting only of pipes that have been installed at the proper angles to encourage drainage.

Sewer Repair system in Bremerton WA becomes necessary when substances have accumulated in the sewer pipe under the house and cause a clog. People also need repair work when the underground pipe in the yard that connects with the municipal pipe under the street becomes blocked.

Habitual Behavior and One-Time Incidents

Sometimes, a sewer clog is the result of habitual behavior on the part of the home’s residents, like routinely flushing sanitary towelettes or feminine hygiene products. Occasionally, it’s due to a one-time incident when someone in the house flushes an object without realizing it will cause problems. A young child, for instance, might think it’s amusing to flush a little toy boat down the toilet. A teenager might flush a toothbrush accidentally dropped into the toilet, not wanting to bother fishing it out.

Those objects can become jammed in a pipe or caught in small tree root growth that has invaded the underground pipe through joint connections and cracks. A toy or a toothbrush then may start to block other objects that are flushed and do not biodegrade well, such as tampons and paper towels.

Breaking the Clog

Sewer Repair in Bremerton WA usually requires sending a snake device into the pipe to break up the clog and to identify what caused it by pulling up some of the material. Plumbers who have been in the business for many years are rarely surprised anymore by what they find.

Underground Pipe Repair

An older sewer system may eventually need to have part of the underground line replaced if it has deteriorated too much over the years. Newer technology makes this a less expensive project than was the case in the past.

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